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Category description

This award recognises the most innovative application of management systems, technology and/or products in the facilities management of the education sector. Covering all levels of education, its scope is wide and can relate to service delivery, allocation and use of space, management of resources or any other area where facilities management has improved a) service delivery to academic staff, administrative staff and/or students and/or b) the performance of the buildings.

The primary consideration will be the level of impact of the solution on business and facilities performance, bearing in mind that financial, social and environmental outcomes are all acceptable.

Entry guidance

In this award, we are looking for a demonstrably effective innovation in the introduction of management systems, technology and/or products by facilities management in the education sector.

Your entry should describe the challenge, problem or requirement, and set out the business case for the solution you developed.

In describing your innovative solution:

Use photographs, illustrations, graphs and charts to effectively demonstrate the features of your innovation.

Clearly identify the outcomes, with specific attention to how they can be measured.

Explain the investment made, the return on the investment and the payback period.

Identify any potential wider benefits for the FM industry (to be judged in the overall winner category).

If more than one stakeholder was involved in the project, please describe what roles each party fulfilled.

Your entry description should be limited to a maximum of 800 words, with any detailed information presented in appendices.


Whether the innovation is simple and inexpensive or complex with a significant budget, entries must have evidence of results from its implementation.

Therefore, please do not submit an entry in this category related to initiatives that are planned or are in development, in the process of being implemented or launched or are aspirational.

Judging criteria

The criteria, and their associated weightings, against which your entry will be judged are:

  • The level of challenge presented by the problem or requirement (15%)
  • The quality of the business case justification (30%)
  • The relevance of the solution to meeting the challenge (20%)
  • The resulting outcome(s) and how they have been measured (35%)

Your written submission must be well organised with each of the above criteria clearly addressed. Note that the judging will be based on submitted information only, without any further reference to the project stakeholder(s). Enter here

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