FM Innovation Awards shortlist – Multi-residential

by Tiffany Paczek
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Australian Facilities Management – Popping glass balustrades

When several glass balustrades of a 113-apartment building managed by Australian Facilities Management (AFM) shattered, an immediate solution was required. Leveraging the industry-specific legal knowledge of its in-house general counsel, a solution was negotiated to immediately secure the safety of the building and to avoid costly litigation. Safety was addressed through the erection of a gantry around the building to secure the balconies and to protect pedestrians from any potential glass falls. AFM brought all parties to the table for the general counsel to explain the rights and responsibilities of all involved and to successfully negotiate a non-litigious resolution.

 Australian Facilities Management

Australian Facilities Management

Spotless Group – WA Housing water conservation initiative

Spotless’ small, mobile sensors that capture consumption data remotely are its innovative IoT (Internet of Things) sensor solution to monitor water usage at residencies in real time and provide reports to clients, outlining households that are likely to have unreported leaks and/or faults or to be over-consuming water. Spotless’ goal is to leverage its IoT sensor solution to provide comprehensive data on water usage and to identify over-consumption trends that the Housing Authority could act on, ultimately achieving long-term environmental and financial benefits for the clients and residents.

Facility Management Victoria – Using technology to improve communication in multi-residential facilities

FMV Technology has combined the latest internet technology with the desire to give immediate access to quality service and up-to-date, accurate information on residential buildings. It has developed instructional videos for buildings, and apps using smartphones with real-time messaging and immediate access to building specific information. Residents can access relevant information about their building, such as facilities, handover manuals and service providers. They can also book facilities, and contact building managers about maintenance and safety issues.

Facility Management Victoria, app

Facility Management Victoria, app and Melbourne Building Management – Multi-party comms and automated assistant platform for Avenue Apartments and Melbourne Building Management developed a multi-party communications platform featuring a range of intelligent automated digital assistants (or ‘chatbots’) that help residents and building teams complete tasks and stay connected using simple chat commands. The chatbots help residents access information, services, people, support, notifications (with auto-translations) and more. The innovative communications system and service delivery channel has saved significant building management time and effort, and has provided residents with a better way to access information, services and people related to their property. and Melbourne Building Management and Melbourne Building Management

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