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The metaSC iCiX Supplier and Site Compliance solution provides you with a system that is

  • efficient
  • accurate
  • saves you money
  • reduces your exposure to risk

As a Facility Management professional you are concerned about risk, i.e. ensuring that all

  • staff and contractors have current valid certificates to work on site
  • regulatory checks and inspections have been carried out on all your facilities
  • Is this a manual, labour intensive, paper based system?
  • Do you and your staff waste hours chasing information?

What is iCiX?

iCiX is an on-line business network of over 20,000 organisations that have posted their compliance data on-line. This means that you can

  • have real-time access to compliance documents
  • generate real-time corporate and facility level compliance reports.
  • broadcast compliance warning e-mail messages prior to the expiration date
  • process all works orders requests on-line.

How does iCIX work?
Each supplier or contractor is allocated a site in the iCiX secure environment to publish their compliance information and certificates. iCiX stores both scanned copy of the document or certif cate metadata, e.g. type, certif cate number, issued date, expiry date, etc

Once placed in the iCiX environment, access to the information is controlled by the site owner. Facility managers create a network of supplier and contractor sites for each facility. Using the metadata, Facility Managers can now generate real time reports.

So why should I join iCIX?

  1. Reduce your costs and improve accuracy of compliance reporting
  2. Proven solution being used by some of Australia’s largest FM companies
  3. Over 20,000 members and hundreds of thousands compliance documents stored on the system.

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