Brightgreen D900 and D400 SH Curve surface-mount downlights

by FM Media
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Melbourne’s Brightgreen has expanded its Curve range of round-beam interior lighting to include two surface-mounted downlights built for spaces that have ceilings made from concrete, marble and other hard-to-cut materials.

The $199 D900 SH Curve delivers 900 lumens of Tru-Colour light in an evenly spread 45-degree beam. Brightgreen says it has “a market-leading efficacy of 59 lumens per Watt, meaning superb illumination using less energy”.

The smaller $99 D400 SH Curve downlight delivers a focused 36-degree, 400-lumen beam of Tru-Colour light that is ideal for illuminating alcoves and highlighting design details.

Both surface-mounted downlights are available in black or white-finished aluminium and feature an integrated driver and warm 3000K colour temperature. The lights are rated at 70,000 hours.

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