24-hour access has become the most popular office amenity

by Sophie Berrill
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24-hour access

Work hours might be getting more fluid, with recent data from The Instant Group revealing that people are searching for 24-hour access more than any other office amenity.

The workspace innovation firm and marketplace for flexible workspace solutions analysed worldwide office amenity searches in the rolling year from May 2022 to April 2023. It found that 24-hour access was the most searched amenity in the Asia Pacific region, accounting for 15.4 percent of all APAC searches. 

“This shows us that the way we work, and when, is vastly different to the traditional nine-to-five office day, with work hours more fluid and flexible than ever before,” says The Instant Group APAC managing director Sean Lynch.

“Businesses are looking for new ways of working to align with lifestyle choices of their employees to retain them, as well as attract new staff through a modern and flexible workplace.” 

The top five most popular office amenities in Australia

Round-the-clock access was also the top priority in Australia over the last year, with 14.9 percent of all searches including this amenity. Parking was the second most popular search, followed by meeting rooms, ‘self-contained’ and ‘furnished’.

This looks a little different from previous years. 

Between 2018 and 2023, furnished amenities were the top search, while 24-hour access came in second, followed by meeting rooms, Broadband internet and parking.

Parking jumped up from fifth to second place which is perhaps a hangover from the COVID-19 pandemic with Australians choosing to drive to work instead of catching public transport,” concludes The Instant Group. 

Meanwhile in India and Malaysia

Twenty-four-hour access was less important to office workers in India and Malaysia. This amenity took out fifth place in India while Malaysia didn’t list 24-hour office access in the top five at all.

‘Furnished’ was the most popular amenity in both countries over the last year, as well as over the last five years. 

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