5-metre scanning from Intermec by Honeywell

by FM Media
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Intermec by Honeywell scanners are being used by the Australian shipping industry to scan and automatically read shipping container codes and numbers from a distance of up to five metres, allowing them to track containers in real time and reduce errors in data capture.

With assistance from its Melbourne research and development team, Honeywell has tailored its rugged mobile computers for the shipping industry by: adding 2D imaging capabilities to the CK71 scanner (pictured); and by pairing the SR61EX long range scanner with a CV61 fixed vehicle mount computer, which can be used for optical character recognition (OCR).

“A common practice each evening following the closure of the port is for the company to send out ‘walkers’ throughout its yard to manually record on paper each container’s number and location,” says Tony Repaci, country manager for Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, ANZ.

But the introduction of the software-based imaging solutions has automated data collection by using OCR technology to scan letters and numbers on shipping containers instead of manually recording them, he says. ‘Walkers’ now drive by containers and scan them from inside a van, improving the accuracy of container tracking and saving time.


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