A new berth for shipping containers

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Shipping container office

Strong, weatherproof, cost-effective and easily transported direct to site, shipping containers are now being utilised for a wide range of applications, including retail outlets, mobile exhibitions, portable storage and innovative construction projects.

In Melbourne, shipping containers have been employed to create a large number of cool new stalls at Queen Victoria Market’s String Bean Alley.

The Australian Defence Force utilises shipping containers as accommodation, command posts, offices, workshops, cold storage facilities and training facilities.

The reinvention of shipping containers has been given a strong push by the largest shipping container provider in Australia and New Zealand, Royal Wolf.

Its new pre-converted product, ‘The Outdoor Room’ (pictured) is a six-metre (20-foot) modular unit decked out with power, lighting and air-conditioning, and features timber flooring, superior insulation and glass sliding doors.

The Royal Wolf containers can be modified to meet a huge range of individual needs (including colour-customisation), and are available in a range of rental and purchase plans, making them a convenient option for those looking for either a permanent or temporary space solution.

More information: www.royalwolf.com.au

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