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SMART kapp

A dramatic upgrade to the standard conference room whiteboard, SMART kapp is a display board that captures, saves and pushes content to mobile devices in real time.

Created by US company Smart Tech, SMART kapp won Best New Product at the InfoComm 2014 audiovisual tradeshow.

The board can used as a traditional dry-erase board, and uses a standard dry erase marker. Work can be saved to be shared in the cloud or by email after the session, and up to five remote participants can be invited to view the content via any browser as it is being written.

The board doesn’t require access to the internet (wired or wireless). The mobile device that connects to the capture board requires Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan to share a capture board session and to share snapshots.

Snapshots of work written on the board can be saved in JPEG or PDF format in the SMART kapp app, and in PDF format on a USB drive.

The board weighs 16 kilograms (35 pounds). You can install it in most environments and make it mobile by mounting it on a Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)-compatible mobile floor stand. This enables you to move the board between rooms in a building.

More information: www.smarttech.com

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