A tale of two cinemas: reduced air-conditioning energy use by 65 percent

by Tiffany Paczek
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One cinema installed Climate Wizard. The other didn’t. Same company, same city, very different results…

A major redevelopment of an Adelaide cinema complex included renovating four large cinemas into eight new smaller cinemas. In turn, the refrigerated air conditioning plant servicing the cinemas needed to be reduced in size and Climate Wizard was an integral part in achieving this.

The Project

Cost, noise reduction, energy savings and the following criteria were key design drivers for the cinema upgrade:

  • Comfortable temperature
  • No drafts
  • Provide outside air to AS1668.2
  • Individual temperature control
  • Low capital cost
  • Low noise within theatre
  • Reduce running costs
  • Meet EPA noise requirements
  • Impact of services noise level on the adjacent apartment buildings

The Comparison

A second cinema within the same group, similar size and number of patrons per month, without pre-cooling of outside air with Climate Wizard, experienced higher energy costs over the summer period.


(with Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling)


(with Refrigerated Air Conditioning)

No. of Theatres 11 14
Total Seats 738 678
Patrons per month 25,470 24,790
Floor Area (m2) 1,600 2,000
Energy Savings 65%^

At the conclusion of summer, the power bill between the two sites showed there was a significant difference. By installing Climate Wizard as a pre-cooling solution, the Rundle Street cinema is now reaping the rewards of substantial energy savings.

The Savings

This design delivered energy savings without any additional capital cost to the project. Additional costs incurred from Climate Wizard, rooftop support platform and BMS controls were outweighed by the savings related to a reduction in size of the refrigerated air conditioning plant, acoustic barriers and associated energy savings.

Final Outcome

– Reduced maximum demand from 250AMPS to 84AMPS
– Reduced power consumption
– Lower carbon emissions from the reduced air conditioning plant
– A greener footprint


The key is to hyper-efficiently pre-cool air before it enters the refrigerated air conditioning system. Compressors don’t need to struggle in extreme summer conditions when fed with pre‑cooled 18oC degree air from Climate Wizard. This significantly reduces the load on the system’s energy-hungry compressors.

Watch a series of videos or download the case study and brochure to see how this efficiency turbo charger works.

Visit: seeleyinternational.com/precooling

^ Savings information provided by customer. Based on actual case study data in pre-cooling application.

Images courtesy of Seely International.

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