ABB introduces System pro M compact InSite

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ABB’s new System pro M compact InSite range of smart devices aims to provide a scalable cloud-integrated solution to optimise and manage energy consumption.

ABB boasts the new range can reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 15 percent and deliver up to 20 percent savings on energy bills.

As one of its solutions for its Smart Cities’ Mission to Zero initiative, to support customers in operating more sustainably today and in the future, ABB’s new range of connected devices is designed support energy and asset management in electrical distribution.

The range can be installed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into IT infrastructures for commercial or industrial buildings, to help users with energy efficiency compliance and savings. By enabling end users to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency certification, ABB estimates the InSite range could also increase the value of a facility by five percent.

Ian Richardson, market development manager, energy distribution, smart homes at ABB Australia, explains: “Our new System pro M compact InSite range of connected devices not only contributes to an end user’s sustainability goals, but the amount saved in reduced energy costs means that payback on the initial investment is achieved more quickly. ABB’s Smart Cities’ Mission to Zero initiative aims to demonstrate how energy transition can succeed sustainably through digital energy management.”

ABB’s ready-made, pre-assembled InSite kit packages are designed to make sub and final electrical distribution smarter with minimal effort. They allow any system to be upgraded, reducing installation and configuration time to nearly zero and, in turn, minimising costly operational downtime. Once the electrical system is installed, users have total transparency over how it is performing thanks to its constant diagnostics and the availability of real-time notifications. In addition, they can program actions on the intuitive web user interface that automatically reacts to the system conditions without the need for manual intervention.

According to ABB, the solution delivers the highest data security standards (by encrypted SNMP V3 and SSL certificate) as well as continual upgrades, thanks to regular firmware updates. Central to the range is the SCU100 control unit, which has been specifically developed to allow users to better manage energy in sub-distribution panel boards. It can gather data from up to 16 energy and power meters, as well current sensors for branch measurement.

To enable monitoring and control of the complete energy distribution system, the range is completed with a flexible choice of input and output modules, which can be easily connected to ABB’s System pro M compact accessories of MCBs and RCDs, as well as other DIN-rail products with digital inputs or outputs. They can also be connected to pulse meters – such as gas or water – to collect utilities consumption.

Once collected on the intuitive web user interface, data can be used for a variety of needs, from reducing energy consumption to identifying potential risks to operational continuity and the implementation of automated actions to resolve any issues.

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