Adelaide CBD’s $10 million green investments

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Adelaide botanic gardens, man photographed under tree

In its efforts to green the CBD, Adelaide announced a slate of major projects this month – to produce a more climate-resilient city with tree plantings, wetlands on the River Torrens and more.

Green Adelaide, an SA Government-supported organisation, will execute the initiatives in partnership with the City of Adelaide and other councils, SA Water and the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).

State and local governments conducted heat mapping investigations to identify hotspots and opportunities. “Heat mapping data has been used to determine the warmest areas of the CBD and we will partner with the City of Adelaide to make a focused effort to green and cool these areas through planting trees and other plants and building green roofs and walls,” says David Speirs, Minister for Environment and Water.

On 8 November, four initiatives were announced to create a greener and cooler CBD. They include:

  • Greener City Streets: $2 million dedicated to greening the streets of the CBD, based on the heat mapping investigations.
  • Cool Corridor: a $1 million green walkway through the heart of the city, with footpaths, shade and greenery.
  • Wild Walls and Roofs grant: $1.5 million to provides CBD building owners with support to build green walls and roofs.
  • Green Water Rebates: a trial of discounted water rates, with $500,000 worth of rebates to encourage projects that green and cool the CBD.

“Inner city areas can play a valuable part in conservation,” says Green Adelaide Board presiding member Chris Daniels.

In addition, the $5 million ‘Transform the Torrens’ program was announced on 15 November. Over the next four years, its aim is to revegetate and reinvigorate a three-kilometre section of the river, to assist with cooling, but also to help improve water quality and provide native habitats.

Speirs attended the UN’s Conference on Climate Change, showcasing SA’s climate credentials. “It’s innovative projects like this that show why we are a national leader in the space,” he says. On top of being named Australia’s most liveable city, and the world’s third, Adelaide is pushing to become internationally regarded as a ‘National Park City’.

“Every day thousands of people walk, run or cycle along this iconic stretch of the River Torrens/Karrawirra Pari and this commitment will help make this part of the city even more beautiful,” says Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor. “[It will] improve the ecological health, water quality and amenity of the Torrens Lake, providing educational, social, cultural and tourism benefits for the Riverbank Precinct.”

Photo by Stephen Mabbs on Unsplash

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