AI safety assistant dismantles language barriers in construction

by Helena Morgan
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Australia’s inaugural AI-powered and voice-enabled Work Health and Safety software platform TALK5 delivers Mina, a ChatGPT4 powered safety assistant that remedies harmful miscommunications in construction to achieve a safe and inclusive workplace. 

Founded in 2021 by construction and trade services titan George Bancs, TALK5 distils safety protocol information for high-risk settings into comprehensible and accessible language to ensure every worker – regardless of linguistic background – is aware of safety procedures. 

Safety at work an inalienable right 

Bancs was inspired to start TALK5 after witnessing construction and trade services workers from LOTE (languages other than English) backgrounds misunderstanding crucial safety information on high-risk projects. He feared this would lead to a norm where the safety and care of workers is compromised as information is lost in translation.

“We believe everyone, no matter their English language background or literacy proficiency, has the right to be safe at work,” says Banc. 

He is optimistic about the future of TALK5, as it has already had a very positive reception, with the complexities of language barriers acknowledged as a widespread problem. 

“The problem we’re solving is universal, regardless of industry, geography or size. We look forward to allowing global businesses to take advantage of our unique AI-powered and voice-enabled safety solutions,” says Banc. 

Mina creates a safe workplace for all

After six months in product development, TALK5’s latest offering – unveiled at the recent World Congress on Safety and Health in Sydney – is Mina, an AI-powered safety assistant that converts vital safety information from voice-to-text, and vice versa, in over 15 languages.

In line with TALK5’s aim to create an inclusive and safe workplace, Mina works to prevent frontline construction workers who may be from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds from misunderstanding safety protocols and risking harm to themselves and others. 

Mina is able to read organisations’ complex and content-heavy documents, graphs, surveys and checklists, and suggest ways of establishing a sustainable and effective safety induction process in those 15 languages.

A proactive response to safety management 

TALK5’s CEO Shirley Gwynn says Mina equips businesses with the confidence and resources necessary to enact positive and lasting change. 

“Our AI-powered platform allows businesses to forge better communication with their growingly diverse workforce and ultimately deliver a proactive approach to safety management that will save lives,” says Gwynn. 

Images supplied by TALK5. 

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