Air purification and the COVID-19 fight

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Air purification combats airborne and surface-to-person viruses in buildings and an Australian firm is putting it to use.

Johnson Controls Australia is demonstrating its commitment to reducing the impact of the COVID-19 virus with the introduction of technology that can benefit the health of building occupants.

It has partnered with AtmosAir to launch in Australia what it’s calling the most effective air purifying system available, to actively and continuously disinfect and decontaminate indoor air in buildings and facilities.

The importance of this solution comes as COVID-19 is transmitted through direct contact with respiratory droplets, like coughing and sneezing, and by touching infected surfaces that can remain contaminated for hours.

AtmosAir works by producing bipolar ions that attach themselves to airborne viruses, odours and pollutants, rendering them inactive. The bipolar ions intercept infected particles causing them to agglomerate and fall out of the air, actively reducing microorganisms that collect on surfaces (a common source of infection) including bacteria, fungi, mold, spores and airborne viruses.

Johnson Controls is bringing AtmosAir to Australia in response to COVID-19, as the virus spreads through indoor air systems, including commercial air conditioning.

“As this virus has spread, Johnson Controls has committed to Australia and the rest of the globe to support critical infrastructure such as hospitals and temporary medical facilities, and its brave medical personnel battling this pandemic,” says Visal Leng, President, APAC, Johnson Controls.

The system boasts enormous public health benefits such as, improving indoor air quality in building environments including medical, healthcare, office, retail, education and hospitality facilities. Additionally, this strategic technology increases the health and wellbeing of building occupants, thus improving facility performance and efficiencies.

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