AMC launches ‘home-brand’ range of cleaning products

by FM Media
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The latest entry into the cleaning-products field is an Australian-designed and manufactured ‘home brand’ range from AMC Commercial Cleaning. The company says its KleenHealth range of nine products incorporates nanotechnology to provide a barrier against microbial growth.

The low-foaming and low-residual products include Window Kleen, Floor Kleen, Toilet Kleen, 3-in-1 Kleen, a shower clean concentrate, Hand Kleen and a stainless steel spray.

The products are also anti bacterial and provide mould spore protection.

“Clients benefit for three main reasons,” said Joanna Pycinska, managing director of the AMC Group. “First, we know the nine different cleaners are safe to use in aged care centres, kindergartens, hospitals and the like.

“Second, by making sure all our cleaners consistently use AMC-branded products, not a cheap alternative, we know that our clients are getting the quality of cleaning in which they have invested.

“Third, many clients have their own internal audits so helping them meet their compliance issues makes a beneficial difference for them.”

AMC has also announced the release of a bilingual (Chinese and English) smartphone app for cleaners, which aims to make re-ordering the company’s products as simple as entering the quantities required and submitting the order.


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