Are smart cities the key to sustainability?

by Liv Croagh
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Miami leads the American way for smart cities. At the recent Smart City Expo global conference, Miami showed off how the city is tech-forward and it’s making a big difference to building a sustainable and resilient future.

But what makes a smart city? Miami boasts smart lighting systems which are controlled in real time – meaning that there is energy savings when it doesn’t have unnecessary usage. The city also boasts traffic and parking sensors which alleviate congestion and the accompanying pollution that comes with it. Miami also has a data sharing partnership with Google’s Waze app – a traffic monitoring app that allows real-time understanding of traffic – and the city is able to monitor and track the one million daily cars that pass through.

Chief digital officer for the City of Rotterdam, Bas Boorsma, spoke about his vision for his city and the future, and it’s all about leveraging tech to move towards sustainability. 

“We want cities that are livable and equitable,” says Boorsma. “We need to craft a shared language and culture around ‘smart cities’ movements that all citizens understand that they are empowered to participate in as well.”

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