Articulating the business case for cloud-based FM

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Saurabh Jain discusses two key motivators to consider when making the change to cloud-based solutions.

The FM industry is changing and so too are the skills required to make up a successful facility manager. As the industry evolves, the systems, processes and capabilities of the facilities manager must adapt or risk becoming irrelevant.

Cloud-based FM has cemented itself as the solution for the present and the future, and offers attractive savings in time and money. Quick installation, defence-level data security and the efficiency and transparency afforded by taking control of your own data in real time make it a must-have in the facilities manager’s toolkit. Furthermore, the power it gives to users to complete work remotely from home cannot be understated as we continue to grapple with the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The speed to get cloud-based solutions set up for your FM practices has never been quicker – these days some cloud platforms can be up and running within two or three weeks. This ease of implementation knocks down a long-standing barrier between new systems and legacy software. 

There are many benefits in transitioning to a cloud-based solution but perhaps the two key motivators are substantial financial savings and confidence over compliance.

The long-term financial benefits unlocked by cloud-based FM are many. Reduced costs to the entire FM operation quickly outweigh the cost of the software and service itself. With no hardware to purchase, replace, or maintain, no IT staff required to administer, no expensive antivirus and cyber security technology required and no upgrades or patching, FMs are left with a substantial reduction in start-up costs and more time to focus on business processes.

With an advanced cloud platform such as an Urbanise, FMs can automate a number of business processes with artificial intelligence (AI), including compliance. The system will track and monitor certification and eligibility and ensure that work is allocated and carried out by only those personnel with the prerequisite certifications and skill set. 

Further to reduced start-up and maintenance costs, and improved safety and compliance, transitioning to a cloud-based FM platform like Urbanise will offer visibility and transparency over processes that may not yet have been experienced. With real-time analytics to understand outlays, assess supplier performance, establish KPIs or predict asset failures, the continued opportunity to reduce costs and streamline processes is significant.

With ownership and visibility over data, FMs can rest assured knowing they’re making informed decisions and will be maximising on capital investment at every step.

Saurabh Jain is CEO and executive director at Urbanise.


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Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

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