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US software developer Bentley has announced a new version of AssetWise, its performance management program for infrastructure assets.

The new upgrade, AssetWise APM V7.2, enables interactive inspection of critical assets via 2D and 3D models into which can be embedded a comprehensive range of data including:

  • solids, surfaces, meshes
  • drawings
  • specifications
  • 9mages
  • videos
  • documents
  • business data
  • reports, and
  • web content.

The advanced modelling capability enables users to virtually walk through an inspection prior to going to an asset. The immersive approach helps to visualise the operations of the plant, network or other asset and identify its current performance more swiftly. The interactive models can directly link to asset condition indicators.

In addition, the ability to view assets via these models provides expanded engineering context in a variety of formats – from design files to specification sheets to corrosion loops, and more. Inspection photographs can also be included with assets, indicators, indicator readings and checksheets. The visual workflow supports both greenfield and brownfield operations, bridging the gap between CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expense) and enabling a sustainable business strategy for operational excellence and safety.

Also new in AssetWise APM V7.2 are analysis techniques used in risk-based inspections and reliability-centred maintenance. Capabilities include demand scenario risk analysis based on the consequences of economic, health and safety, environmental, and company reputation effects; risk matrices support for failure mode criticality evaluation; and degradation rates updated from failure modes, analysis based on economic feasibility of maintenance strategies, and probability based on time between failures.

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