Aussie Scud BB100E

by FM Media
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Part of Aussie Pumps’ state-of-the-art ‘Scud’ range, this single-phase electric drive pressure cleaner is built to provide longevity, performance and heavy duty design. The Aussie Scud BB100E, built in Sydney’s Norwest business district, uses a combination of a heavy duty, triplex, professional pump, slow-speed four-pole squirrel-cage motor and robust galvanised frame.

“The new machine was originally designed for Australia’s plant rental and hire industry,” said Aussie Pumps product manager Hamish Lorenz. “The product launch last year resulted in sales not just to rentals but into earthmoving, building and construction and, more recently, into consumer market areas where traditionally buyers only buy on price.”

The new machine features a Bertolini “Big Berty” heavy-duty, slow-speed, triplex pump with brass head and big, multi-fin, die-cast crank case. Its safety features include a heavy-duty independent regulator valve that controls pressure and flow and a robust control switch which automatically cuts power to the motor if the unit is overloaded or overheats.

The “car boot” style galvanised frame has a folding handle enabling the unit to fit easily into an average car boot. It also doubles as a trolley.

The high-pressure 10m hose is wire braid complying with SAE Standard R1. It combines lightweight strength with an abrasion resistant rubber cover. Guns supplied are rated to 3500 psi and provide the user with the option of being able to change lances from standard 700mm to longer lances for cleaning hard-to-get-at locations.

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