Australia named the most sustainable real estate in the world

by Liv Croagh
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In the 2022 GRESB Real Estate Benchmark Australia’s built environment has been declared the most sustainable in the world. 

Assessing all environmental, social and governance (ESG), the GRESB generates two benchmarks each year. These benchmarks are the GRESB Standing Investment Benchmark which considers ESG management and performance and the GRESB Development Benchmark which looks at management and property development factors, and is focused on portfolios with new construction and major renovation projects.

For 2022, Oceania holds the highest regional average score across both benchmarks.

“Eliminating emissions from the built environment will require a lot of heavy lifting from our entire industry. In Australia we’re seeing a lot of big and small players in our industry take great strides toward the goal of a healthier, net zero future,” says Green Building Council of Australia CEO, Davina Rooney.

“We applaud all of the companies who have been recognised in the GRESB leaderboards, as well as the many other companies that are showing impressive leadership in this area.”

Looking at the built environment and minimising carbon emissions is an important step to the future.

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