Australian Standard checklists accessible on smartphones

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It is now possible to access digital Australian Standard checklists on smartphones, thanks to the continuous upgrades in mobile technology. This enables workers to perform numerous compliance tasks and activities more efficiently by providing them with the mobility to access important documents while in the field.

If the worker has to follow steps that are listed in the Australian Standard, the mobile application can present the tasks or steps as an electronic checklist on the mobile device. Additional reference material can also be available to the worker, such as instructions, images or code requirements.

Paperless application can utilise the features of the mobile phone or tablet:

  • Speech recognition – Speech recognition has dramatically improved since its introduction and now a standard feature in all new smartphones. It provides employees with a fast and effective way to record and store information and acts as useful reference tool when completing inspections.
  • Camera – Camera technology has likewise continued to evolve with each new mobile released out-performing the last. Documentation inspection through photographs captures the inspector visual point of view and provides a specific record.
  • Annotating – On screen annotation allows inspectors to highlights key areas in photographs that are of interest as well as describe the event.
  • Automatic data/time/GPS stamp – Inspectors can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic data records, such as the time recorded, as well as where it was recorded.
  • Document storage – Businesses can upload important documents and checklists to remove the bulkiness and inconvenience of paper versions.
  • Barcodes/RFID – Scanners built in to the mobile devices enable efficient and quick identification of area and or equipment.

The process of converting any Australian Standard to a paperless checklist is a simple process and can be done in the office before sending the paperless checklist to the mobile device.

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Written by Naaman Shibi, Pervidi.

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