Australians embrace the health benefits of smart toilets

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Smart toilets with bidets are increasing in popularity in Australia despite only being in one percent of homes compared to 80 percent of bathrooms in Japan.

According to Toto distributor Randall Cadby, demand for smart toilets has surged locally and almost doubled in the past 12 months.

“Smart toilets come with all sorts of features, like heated seat, built-in bidets with drier, automatic opening and closing, as well as hands free automatic flush,” Cadby says.

“Smart toilets are rimless, have special coatings and some even have a tornado-type flush with no splash and can pretty much clean themselves. Anyone can turn their own toilet into a ‘smart toilet’ by the addition of a bidet seat, or Washlet as TOTO calls them.”

Cadby says smart toilets are more hygienic than your average toilet, life changing for people with a disability, reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and a money saver with no need to buy toilet paper.

“Smart toilets were installed in a nursing home at Chelsea in Melbourne as part of a six-month study to see if they reduced the number of urinary tract infections and they did – within six weeks there were none,” Cadby continues.

“Most don’t realise how many people can’t wipe their bottom because of age or a disability so smart toilets can absolutely change lives.”

“One man who lost both his hands in a work accident had to suffer the embarrassment of his wife helping him in the bathroom but now he has a smart toilet and he feels like a changed man with more independence and confidence.”

According to Cadby, many Australians are unwilling to try a bidet because they’ve been taught to use toilet paper at a young age.

“So they go with what they know. It happens so often that people buy a smart toilet after returning from Japan where they have experienced the benefits toilet technology,” he says.

“Once you use a bidet seat you never want to go back to using toilet paper again, so much so people often buy a travel bidet which they can fit in their toiletries bag or glove box.”

Some of the benefits of smart toilets are:

  • Health and hygiene: Smart toilets offer a wash and dry to the nether regions and is life changing for those who are unable to wipe their own bottom, not to mention the independence it gives them.
  • Cleaning: The Toto rimless toilet with it’s tornado flush ensures virtually no flush splash reducing the spread of any germs in the bathroom. Some smart toilets virtually keep themselves clean automatically spraying a mist inside the pan lubricating the surface so waste doesn’t stick. An ultraviolet light in the latest Toto toilet, due on the market in three months, acts as an antibacterial keeping the toilet cleaner longer.
  • Eco-friendly: Being able to minimise or do away with toilet paper altogether means trees are spared and less water contaminated by the chlorine used to bleach the paper. Toto promotes saving of energy and water, with some products requiring no chemicals for cleaning.
  • Luxury: High end smart toilets are truly luxurious with every conceivable function you could expect in a toilet, and more

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