Australia’s first high-tech micro market for facilities

by Tiffany Paczek
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In any workplace, facility or building, the food services and offerings make a significant impact on the users’ opinion and enjoyment of the facility. It’s important to provide a variety of choices as well as healthy yet satisfying options.

Morsl, Australia’s first high-tech micro food market operator, offers workplaces a fully automated 24/7 self-serve, food and drink marketplace with a specially curated selection of healthy eating options.

The innovative model uses the latest technology to allow for frictionless payment options, including credit card, Apple Pay app accounts and fingerprint technology at the self-checkout kiosks. Morsl replaces the traditional vending machine and gives employees easy access to fresh, healthy food options.

Morsl’s launched in late November, and its CEO and founder, Karla Borland is the former director, head of Mutual Funds, for Credit Suisse Australia. Borland recently relocated back from international assignments in Singapore and Switzerland.

“I spent 20 years working in challenging work environments where I was increasingly frustrated with the lack of healthy food options available. I always desired to be healthier in the workplace, but I wasn’t given the tools, information or options to make healthy eating choices,” says Borland. “I looked overseas and discovered micro markets are the fastest growing segment in the US food service industry with 35,000 locations projected by 2022.

“Australians spend about one third of their lives at work and having a healthy workplace can make a big impact in reducing the prevalence of lifestyle-related chronic disease,” Borland adds.

Research has found a measurable link between a person’s health and how productive they are at work. The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues.

An increasing number of Australians are embracing health and wellness, but Morsl’s market analysis found there is a missing link in corporate wellness programs, with few companies offering a fully integrated and sustainable healthy food solution within the workplace.

Morsl has revolutionised the concept of the micro market with a focus on smaller, innovative brands that deliver products with less ingredients and more nutritional value.

Morsl partnered with expert dietitians Alex and Anna of the Biting Truth to develop a proprietary product classification system. The system uses a simple green, amber and red colour system to identify products based on their nutritional values of kilojoules, saturated fat, salt, sugar and fibre.

Morsl’s first customer, The Missing Link, is an award-winning IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security Company situated in Artarmon.

Alex Gambotto, CEO of The Missing Link, says, “When the Morsl team approached us, we absolutely loved the concept. We have been actively seeking new ways to improve our employee’s health needs, but we were struggling to find something convenient and effective.

“Morsl is helping to improve our employee’s wellness through better-for-you eating choices and maximising productivity with on-site convenience.”

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