Average FM annual compensation nears US$100,000

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Today’s facility management professional, on average, is college educated, manages more than 100,000 square metres (one million square feet) of space and multiple employees, has experienced a growth in job responsibilities over the past two years, and is enjoying a base salary increase of eight percent from 2007 levels, according to the results of an IFMA salary and demographics survey.

Based on a survey of 4353 facility professionals from 45 countries around the world, the IFMA’s Profiles 2011 Salary and Demographics Report shows that when combining base salary and bonus pay, the average facility professional now gets US$99,578 in total compensation annually – up from US$91,766 in 2007.
The report states that practitioners with three or fewer years in facility management earn US$65,000 a year, up from US$56,000 in 2004. More young people are indeed entering facility management, even though the average age of a facility manager is 49. In total, facility professionals in eight industry sectors make an average of US$100,000 or more each year.
According to the report, facility managers with IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designation earn US$12,524 more per year than their counterparts without the credential. Those holding a CFM earn on average US$101,540 per year in compensation. The following annual base salaries (in US dollars) were reported for those with CFM and facility management professionals (FMP) accreditation:

Country/region CFM salary FMP salary Overall
Australia $114,968 $91,288 $100,965
Canada $112,262 $88,399 $95,537
Hong Kong $96,716 $76,620 $76,501
Nigeria $102,274 $61,741 $51,530
US $101,540 $74,000 $93,741

The complete Profiles 2011 Salary and Demographics Report is available for purchase in hard copy or e-file pdf from the IFMA Bookstore at www.ifma.org/bookstore.

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