Beach resort receives environmental upgrade

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An environmental upgrade of Turtle Beach Resort will result in increased product longevity, environmental benefits and reduced maintenance expenses.

As part of the Accor Vacation Club’s refurbishment program, the Turtle Beach Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland has been renovated to meet the group’s new Resort Series brand standard. An environmental upgrade comprised part of the beach resort’s retrofit, which will result in increased product longevity, environmental benefits and reduced maintenance expenses.
Accor has reduced in-room appliances through the use of smart technology, which allows total connectivity of modern travel items through new media hubs and docking stations installed directly to each television. Additionally, all electrical items are required to meet a desired energy rating and all lighting is being converted to energy efficient LED and fluorescent systems to achieve a lower carbon footprint.
Accor selected GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens, a supplier of environmentally friendly fittings and fixtures, for the kitchen and bathroom retrofits. The bathrooms have been fully redesigned. Water conservation has been achieved through installing the latest in water-efficient flush systems and reduced flow tapware throughout the apartments.
“This resort is very popular with families, and kids can churn through thousands of litres of water on holidays, so efficiency and water saving was key in this refurbishment, along with high performance and quiet toilets, so kids are not disturbed when sharing an apartment with their parents,” Darin Nielson, senior property manager of Accor Vacation Club, comments. “The kitchens and bathrooms are used heavily with families, so they have to be hardwearing, but still look stylish and modern. Often bathrooms are not included because of high costs in soft refurbishments, so when we do them, we have to make them last and ensure they have timeless appeal,” he adds.
According to Ed Callander, GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens’ sales manager for sustainability, healthcare and government in Queensland, the practical approach to the retrofit and redesign will assist in reducing ongoing maintenance costs and ensure sustainability is top of mind.

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