Coffee with a conscience: office espresso solutions that give back

by Tiffany Paczek
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Australians are passionate about premium coffee and supporting their causes, and BeanGiving is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting these passions. It designs and manages premium coffee systems that support positive change inside and outside Australian offices and enterprises. BeanGiving donates 10 percent of the bean value purchased to its customers’ chosen causes.

BeanGiving is based on a simple idea. Every working hour all over Australia people leave their offices, travel down elevators to the street, join a line and purchase coffee. Forty minutes later they come back to their seats. BeanGiving’s simple idea was to create a solution that delivers premium office coffee quickly and efficiently, that simultaneously supports a cause the office is connected with. Your people stay in the office drinking great coffee, supporting shared objectives and delivering funding to a great community cause. Win, win, win.

BeanGiving’s solution starts with creating premium beans. Its buying team travels the world to purchase the best green beans and then roasts them fresh each day in Melbourne in one of Australia’s most advanced roast plants. You can even go out and have a look – it’s a great tour! The coffee team is led by Jeremy Regan, one of Australia’s only World Barista judges and the secretary of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association. Jeremy knows coffee.

The next key element is coffee delivery. From barista staffed cafés to super-automatic machines, BeanGiving has your bases covered. One of its most popular super-automatic machines is the WMF 1100S. The 1100S comes with a sophisticated phone-based app that lets users design their own beverage and then be recognised at any 1100S machine across the enterprise. Its World Barista Judge says, “The 1100S doesn’t have tattoos but it delivers a flawless top quartile cup from kit that never has a hang-over – every time.” Operationally the 1100S is a one-step daily automatic clean and its advanced telemetry allows BeanGiving to keep a constant watch on quality and faults. The WMF 1100S is a premium solution working hard for you and your cause.


BeanGiving is operating across small and large offices with its most recent install being Morningstar’s stunning new Barangaroo office in Sydney. BeanGiving loves to design, install and manage complete beverage systems, but is equally pleased to provide its beans to existing offices.

Together with its clients BeanGiving is making an impact and is supporting a variety of causes, from women’s refuges to the Peter MacCallum Cancer centre. While it supports non-political ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) registered causes, it is also keen to discuss any non-ACNC causes (schools, sports and community groups) that are important to your team.

BeanGiving is a member of the Foodco Group, a family-owned global hospitality business based in Sydney. Espresso has been at the core of its business since 1989 when it opened its first café. Today you can enjoy its espressos in any one of its nearly 500 Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue cafés around the world, as well as BeanGiving in your enterprise.

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Images courtesy of Foodco.

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