Benefits of refilling plastic pens revealed via Pilot Pen trial

by Helena Morgan
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In collaboration with sustainability consultancy group Lifecycles Australia, Pilot Pen Australia has launched an online calculator that allows businesses to measure the economic and ecological benefits of refilling plastic pens. 

The online calculator proves that refilling one plastic pen can slash its carbon emissions by 40 percent and its plastic use by 31 percent, which is the equivalent of 30 plastic bottles. 

Pilot Pen head of marketing Jarrad Murray encourages businesses to consider the positive ripple effect of refilling – when multiplying the figure of saving 30 plastic bottles by 100 employees, this carbon emission decrease equals 3000 plastic bottles. 

“Imagine the impact of this on the estimated 2.6 million tonnes of plastic waste that is thrown into landfill each year,” says Murray. 

In addition to providing an online calculator for businesses, Pilot Pen has also conducted a national survey and trial into workplace sustainability practices and offered businesses an  ‘Eco Pack’ trial of recycled pens and three refills. Almost 100 responses have been submitted. 

Murray underscores the timeliness of this initiative for businesses in light of the mandatory sustainability reporting that comes into effect this year – if an organisation has more than 500 employees and over $500 million in consolidated revenue, they must begin reporting on 1 July. 

Pilot Pen head of marketing Jarrad Murray.

Business and commercial sector guilty culprit 

According to the federal government’s National Waste Report from last year, business and commercial waste amounted to approximately 50 percent of plastic waste in Australia, and alarmingly, only 13 percent of this waste was reused or recycled – the lowest recovery waste rate measured. 

Lifecycles Australia director Timothy says refilling is kinder to the environment as it lengthens a product’s life span.

“Refilling a product maximises its utility and keeps it out of landfill,” he says. 

“The Pilot Pen business impact calculator was developed to assist consumers in understanding how to avoid environmental burdens through small yet impactful day-to-day decisions.”

Gap in intention and delivery regarding recycling initiatives  

While 70 percent of the businesses surveyed in Pilot Pen’s ‘Eco Pack’ trial believe in the importance of sustainable workplace waste management, 60 percent of businesses admitted to not refilling and recycling office supplies. 

“Clearly, despite good intentions, there is a gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ when it comes to refilling,” says Murray. 

A Queensland government department is setting the precedent for achievable recycling practices by routinely refilling office supplies such as coffee cups, printer cartridges and ink supplies. 

“With the average office worker using 15 pens and markers every year, in a company of 100 employees, that works out to be approximately 1500 pens and markers that are going straight into landfill,” says Murray. 

“We are on the right track in helping businesses change their refilling habits one pen at a time!”

Businesses interested in participating in the ‘Eco Pack’ trial can register here

Recycling goals made achievable by Territory Pharmacy program.

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