Big Brother is lighting you

by FM Media
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New LED light fixtures at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport are not only providing bright, clean lighting – they are also part of a state-of-the-art monitoring system. The NetSense system from Sensity integrates LED lighting, sensors, high-speed networking, cloud computing, and big data analytics into a single MultiService Platform (MSP).

“In our advanced distributed computing architecture, each LED light fixture is equipped with sensors and a fully functioning processor able to run software instructions,” Sensity says. “When networked together in a NetSense network, these fixtures collectively gather and process data about the surrounding environment, enabling analytics that transform the raw data into actionable information.”

This information includes passenger movement and congestion areas, parking management, predictive maintenance and even suspicious activity.

While data like this is gold for facility managers, the installation has caused some privacy concerns.

“There are some people in the commercial space who say, ‘Oh, big data — well, let’s collect everything, keep it around forever, we’ll pay for somebody to think about security later,’ ” consumer privacy expert Justin Brookman told the New York Times. “The question is whether we want to have some sort of policy framework in place to limit that.”


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