Bird Control Australia: a humane solution to pest control

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If there’s one sure thing with living in Australia, it’s that our wildlife finds itself into every space and crevice. The other guarantee for Australians is that we cherish our unique fauna. Bird Control Australia is a solutions’ provider for humane control of local pests and birds.

Birds and pests in commercial spaces

From carparks to awnings and ledges, our beloved local birds know where to nest, and it’s not always the most convenient place. An infestation of birds or long-term birds’ droppings can wreak havoc on a commercial space. It is an expensive fix, as pigeons, mynas or other nuisance birds can cause damage to the building and equipment. 

Besides expensive destruction, birds are also a health risk; from the spread of disease to birds becoming swooping and territorial, birds can become a major problem for building managers. The issue is beyond the damage that the birds themselves do to the property and the potential patrons, but it can be costly to prevent. Costs aside, a lot of the prevention methods can be dangerous for the fauna. 

This is where local Australian company Bird Control Australia comes in. With state of the art technology, Bird Control Australia has found the ideal solutions to humanely deter birds from nesting in commercial spaces, without harming them.

The benefit of partnering with Bird Control Australia starts with installation. Although their systems are high tech, they require little maintenance and in most cases can be managed by people already onsite. There is no poison or chemicals put around the area that could endanger the public or pets, and nothing that might infect that area with an unpleasant odour. 

How does it work?

The lasers have been designed to harmlessly confuse, disorientate and intimidate birds using alternating, laser light patterns.The ultrasonic model is programmed to produce a sound that mostly can’t be heard by humans but is very irritating and uncomfortable for the birds.

There is also the option for a hybrid system of sonic and ultrasonic, using a unit equipped with a 240V power connection. Four loudspeakers emit natural recordings that can be placed throughout the property at various angles, heights and distances to ensure that all entry and nesting points are covered.

Not limited to lasers and noise deterrents, the humane control of wildlife can also be done with visual deterrents, harmless Shock Tape and with approved Bird Deterrent, Optical Gel. Ideal for feral pigeons, mynahs and – if you’re a beachside community – seagulls, these products work to alter the behaviours of the birds. Once they are applied to where they inhabit, the birds will desert it, even if they’ve been nesting there for years. This makes Bird Control Australia’s bird deterrent systems a humane solution to long term damage in commercial spaces.

Controlling our fauna can be tough. Australia is a land of the venomous, the stubborn and the mysterious, but there are solutions to ensure that we can live harmoniously with our unique natives. 

Bird Control Australia can be contacted directly for obligation free advice to see what system/s would work best for your facility to deter pests such as birds, possums and rodents.

Wanting to control your pest problem? Bird Control has a national footprint, is trusted by large and small businesses around Australia and NZ and are the first choice for companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, IHG Hotels and many more. Their friendly staff would be able to talk you through a range of solutions: 

M: 0451 284 632

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