Boon Edam and Gilgen team up to offer one-stop service for doors

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The two European manufacturers have reached a partnership in the Australian market that will let construction companies and building owners purchase automatic doors and revolving doors from the same source.

Revolving door company Boon Edam has partnered with automatic door company Gilgen to deliver clients enhanced access to their complementary ranges.

Gilgen is distributed in Australia by Access Entry.

The partnership was formed to better cater to client needs, says Boon Edam managing director in Australia, Michael Fisher.

“Both of us appreciate that there are different needs in different parts of the facilities

that will emerge in the drive towards quality and security over the coming decade,” Fisher says of his company’s partnership with Access Entry. “So we seek to make the choices far smoother than usual, when more limited suppliers are proposing only one solution to multiple issues.”

Gilgen and Boon Edam will collaborate on market offerings that make product specification, cost calculation and project communication even easier for architects, façade consultants, fabricators and building specifiers.

Fisher says commercial building markets post-COVID-19 will be even more demanding when it comes to controlling access and egress to and from facilities. For this reason, touchless technology options, access control and doors that allow for better climate control and reduced strain on HVAC systems, make the options provided by Boon Edam and Gilgen winners. The solutions on offer would be particularly valuable for hospitality and healthcare environments, in which hygiene is paramount, and in data centres and financial institutions, where security is a top priority, says Fisher.

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The partnership will have an emphasis on flexibility, with customers given the choice to purchase Gilgen products through Boon Edam (or vice versa) – with installation performed by the dedicated manufacturer/distributor – or to deal with the two companies separately.

They have also introduced a Revolving and Automatic Door Estimator tool where customers can fill in a five-minute survey about their door needs (height, canopy, finishes, door wings, etc), and Boon Edam or Gilgen will respond within one business day with a price estimate.

The partnership also applies in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Gilgen recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and has been supplying to Australia for more than 20 years.

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