Boon Edam appoints Indigenous tech company Warrgambi

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A technology company co-founded and led by Indigenous Australian security, safety and risk management leader Tim Donovan has won an appointment in the competitive ACT market by a global architectural and security product leader.

Warrgambi Pty Ltd has been selected by Boon Edam Australia to supply, install and maintain its products, including globally leading ranges for government and private organisations.

Managing director and co-founder of Warrgambi, Tim Donovan – who is a proud Gumbaynggirr man – says the appointment by Boon Edam is a significant further step in the expansion of Warrgambi as an organisation founded on excellence in safety, quality, operations, staff development and social inclusiveness.

 “We are all-inclusive – we work for the betterment of everyone, not just narrow sections of individual groups. We provide an all-inclusive foundation of skills for youth, so that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth have models and peer support for advancement through the workforce,” he says.

Boon Edam Australia says it selected Warrgambi on its technical excellence and demonstrated record of effectively dealing with government agencies, architects, engineers, and specifiers, including those involved in Supply Nation Certification.

“We are confident that Warrgambi’s ACT experience gives it the local knowledge to help government and private organisations to continue to maintain compliance with their environmental sustainability, risk management and duty of care responsibilities to ensure the safety of employees and visitors and protection of the personal data of millions of Australians,” says Michael Fisher, managing director, Boon Edam Australia.

“Warrgambi’s technical expertise and broader skills are integral to servicing Boon Edam security products and architectural revolving doors, both of which may be integrated with broader building management systems, including HVAC and building traffic flow systems,” says Fisher.

 For further information, contact Warrgambi at

Image: Warrgambi managing director Tim Donovan.

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