Brickcom – new authorised Apple MFi manufacturer

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Leading internet protocol (IP) surveillance solution provider Brickcom has been recently confirmed as an authorised Apple MFi manufacturer.

MFi, or Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad, program allows third party manufacturers to produce officially-sanctioned Apple compatible accessories

Manufacturers who participate in MFi program receive technical specifications and hardware components from Apple and are eligible to emblazon products with MFi certification logos – ‘Made for iPod’, ‘Made for iPad’ and ‘Made for iPhone’.

Being a member of the MFi program is expected to see Brickcom offer a range of Apple compatible solutions and accessories for the company’s various iOS devices.

Ethernet Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor of Brickcom’s world’s leading IP surveillance cameras. In addition to producing IP cameras, network video recorder (NVRs) and network accessories, Brickcom offers cloud services, smart home applications, and end-to-end security solutions.

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