Brightgreen reaches ‘final stages’ of engineering UV-C lights to combat COVID-19 transmission

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Brightgreen is engineering UV-C lights to fight back against COVID-19.

UV-C rays have long been used for disinfection purposes in medical services. Brightgreen is working on a viable solution to be implemented in schools and facilities to create safe environments and to keep doors open. As UV-C rays can be harmful to humans, the Brightgreen system sets itself apart by using presence monitors, so disinfection will not begin until the room is empty.

Brightgreen is in the final stages of engineering the lights that will have dual light spectrums. This will enable the lights to be switched between standard visual lighting and germicidal rays. The system will be fully automated to run overnight for a full disinfection with shorter daytime options for empty spaces.

“UV-C is well established in medical practice as a way to eradicate viruses,” says Brightgreen’s head of engineering, Nathan Moffatt. “The challenge is to keep it safe and economical.”

Brightgreen claims to have designed the lights to be easy to install for a fast, scalable solution. They’ll be designed in Melbourne. “We will make the designs for this system open source, so other manufacturers can tool up to increase the speed to market with this high-impact system.”


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