Can Queensland be a stronger, more sustainable state?

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As Queenslanders head to the polls, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is calling on all political parties to outline their vision for a stronger, more sustainable state.

GBCA believes that while Queensland was once a leader in sustainable development, government support for green building has waned in recent years. The upcoming election is an opportunity for all political parties to recalibrate their policies and to renew their commitment to sustainable, productive and cost-effective buildings and communities.

Certify new and existing buildings using Green Star

Government leadership encourages the market to meet higher benchmarks for better buildings. The GBCA encourages all parties to outline policies and commitments to achieve Green Star ratings for buildings owned, occupied or developed, and to ensure that taxpayers’ money is spent on efficient, healthy and productive projects.

A 2014 study of Queensland residents found 86 percent of those surveyed think it is important for government office buildings to be green.

Green Star – Performance ratings should be achieved on a range of government buildings to benchmark operational performance and identify opportunities for incremental improvements and cost savings.

The next Queensland Government must be able to commit to Green Star certification for major and iconic government building and development projects, including office accommodation, healthcare facilities and schools – and ensure that the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games infrastructure leaves a lasting legacy for the Queensland community.

Encourage industry to move beyond standard practice

When elected, the Newman Government dismantled the ‘Green Door Policy’ – and the state has been without appropriate policies to encourage more sustainable development since 2012.

Financial and non-financial incentives – from training and capacity building and awareness raising through to environmental upgrade agreements – can help Queensland building owners and industry to accelerate upgrades of existing buildings.

Create better communities across Queensland

Green Star – Communities was launched in 2012, with the support and sponsorship of Queensland’s former Urban Land Development Authority. The GBCA urges all political parties to make an ongoing commitment to Green Star – Communities by referencing the rating tool and national framework in policies and planning strategies.

Achieving Green Star – Communities certification for government-controlled projects will ensure all new community-scale developments across Queensland are productive, sustainable, liveable, affordable, resilient places to live.

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