CEFC helps unlock energy productivity potential in Tasmania

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The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has met with Tasmanian business leaders to explore means of cutting energy costs and unlocking energy productivity gains using finance for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

The CEFC is looking at proposals concerning investment in Tasmanian projects valued at more than $200 million across the agribusiness, forestry, mining and the utilities sectors.

The CEFC and Commonwealth Bank are working to offer further opportunities for businesses through the Energy Efficient Loan (EEL) program, which is financing solar PV and other on-site generation installations, new purpose-built plant and equipment to reduce energy use, lighting and air-conditioning upgrades and commercial refrigeration upgrades.

Some of the projects / companies CEFC has supported so far:

• Kingborough Council, south of Hobart, to upgrade the lighting in its civic centre, anticipated to cut the building’s lighting energy costs by 75 percent.

• Plastics manufacturer Global Roto-Moulding, with operations in Victoria and Queensland, to install new energy efficient ovens that are expected to halve its oven energy use.

• South Australian tomato grower Sundrop Farms, who are building state-of-the-art greenhouses that will use solar thermal technology to desalinate seawater for irrigation and regulating greenhouse temperatures.

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