Chemist Warehouse rolls out blister pack recycling bins

by Sophie Berrill
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blister pack recycling

Chemist Warehouse has teamed up with Pharmacycle to launch a new blister pack recycling initiative that is rolling out across select Victorian pharmacies just in time for National Recycling Week.

Chemist Warehouse will provide Victorian customers across 100 select stores the opportunity to sustainably dispose of their empty blister packs with the addition of a recycling bin branded with Chemist Warehouse and Pharmacycle logos in the vicinity of the dispensary.

Pharmacycle manages the monthly collection as well as the logistics and processing of blister packs, taking full responsibility for the downstream solutions of the recovered materials. According to the company, its specialised recycling technology ensures that the recovered materials from the blister packs re-enter the market as raw materials for new products.

Circular economy impact

Pharmacycle business development manager Jason Rijnbeek says the new partnership with Chemist Warehouse  provides the mechanism to meet rising consumer expectations and achieve a better outcome for the environment.

Pharmacycle manages the blister pack collection, logistics and processing under the new initiative.

“With such an extensive presence of stores, this new partnership will make blister pack recycling even more convenient and accessible for the community and we congratulate Chemist Warehouse for coming onboard with us,” he says.

“Their leadership in this space will help to address a real problem for households in blister pack waste: a material that cannot be recycled in household recycling but often ends up in that stream as a contaminant,” he says.

A nationwide roll out for blister pack recycling

Chemist Warehouse director Mario Tascone says the pharmacy retailer looks forward to continuing the roll-out nationwide.

“With a shared mission of ensuring all blister packs are recycled around Australia, Chemist Warehouse is excited to team up with Pharmacycle to kick off this journey, starting in Victoria,” he says. 

“We are committed to providing our customers around the country with simple and efficient recycling solutions, encouraging all to be as sustainable as possible.”

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