Christmas hiring boosts transport, logistics and supply chain jobs

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Transport, logistics and supply chain jobs growth continues to outperform the overall Australian market, according to the Labourforce Jobs Index.

The demand for temporary and contract jobs was up 6.9 percent in October, largely due to the demand for temporary staff in the lead-up to Christmas. The outlook is also good for permanent staff, with a 3.4 percent increase in demand in October.

With a 6.2 percent increase, Victoria recorded the highest growth in jobs, while NSW was the weakest preforming state across the sector.

According to the Labourforce Index, while the surge in Christmas hiring is good news for industry workers, the healthy increase in demand for permanent staff is a bellwether for improvements in business confidence and hiring.

While the TL&SC market had a slow start to the year, it has seen a massive 20.7 percent increase in job advertisement volumes in the past six months.

Australia-wide, the retail industry is attracting the most workers, with a 38 percent increase in demand over the past six months. Factors contributing to the strong growth include retailers translating the increase in online sales to demand in the warehouse and on the road.

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