CitySwitch’s NABERS benchmark has been broken

by FM Media
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WT Sustainability has shifted the energy efficiency goalposts and demonstrated that better energy performance is well within most organisations’ grasp.

When planning its new Sydney office at 181 Miller Street in North Sydney, WT Sustainability (WTS) decided that the best possible rating of six stars NABERS energy should be its minimum target. It registered the office under the CitySwitch program and committed to the six-star target.
No organisation had previously attempted to commit to such an ambitious target, meaning CitySwitch had to update its software and website to accept the WTS commitment.
According to Stephen Hennessy, a director of WTS, the company took existing technologies and applied them properly. E1 lighting has been used throughout much of the building and microwave occupancy light level sensing with sensing times that are very short were added.
“We installed a timed power circuit to the workstations, so that power to most outlets is cut ‘out of hours’, thus eliminating standby loads. Computers are off-the-shelf efficient laptops and the screens are large LED ones that make it easy to review documents side by side. This saves on printing costs. Our printer is an LED multifunction device that costs no more than comparable 32-page per minute machines, yet it uses up to 75 percent less energy,” explains Hennessy.
“To keep an eye on our progress, we installed sub-meters that could be accessed via a web interface. These are very useful; not only do they give us the assurance that our energy use is on track to deliver a six-star result, but they have helped us identify even greater savings,” he adds.
The result is an office that is light and bright. The energy savings are achieved with no loss of amenity. “Most people walking into our office would be hard pressed to see how we are achieving such extraordinary energy results. When we explain how our energy use is half that of a five-star tenancy, they can’t believe it. They just don’t expect efficient offices to be so welcoming,” Hennessy concludes.

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