ClearView’s new integrated, collaborative office environment

by FM Media
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ClearView’s new fitout has created an office environment that both integrates staff and reflects the company’s brand values of simplicity, consistency, authenticity and collaboration.

After moving to two floors in a newly refurbished Sydney building, ClearView tasked Valmont with creating an office environment that both integrated staff and reflected the company’s brand values of simplicity, consistency, authenticity and collaboration.
To ensure integration between both levels, a 2.5-metre stairwell was constructed to join both floors. It not only offers practical access between the floors, but also serves as a focal point. The underlying space of a stairwell was not wasted, but arranged for use as an informal meeting area between the two floors, allowing staff to interact in a more secluded setting, away from the larger open plan area.
A versatile open-plan casual breakout area satisfied ClearView’s desire for a collaborative office environment. The dynamic area includes moveable walls, allowing the space to open out into a larger room, ensuring its flexibility to serve a number of purposes, functioning as a kitchen, boardroom and training room. To retain the open-plan feel of the office, yet still offer some privacy, the meeting areas and team workspaces were separated with half-height partition walls to subtly divide up the space. The dividers are also eco-friendly, allowing the chilled beam air-conditioning system to function more efficiently, keeping initial fitout costs down.
Colour, shape and sophisticated finishes ensured that the whole area functioned efficiently as a working environment, combining both form and function. In addition, adherence to appropriate sustainability practices ensured that the fitout could achieve green ratings.

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