Closing the loop for carbon savings

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A new initiative aims to take 25 years of research into energy-saving that is currently buried in journals and papers and create tangible practical tools for the design and construction industries.

Called ‘Closing the Loop’, the project will connect the wealth of evidence that exists for high performance buildings with front end decision-makers through better business case analysis, professional education, practical tools and guidelines.

Construction industry giant Brookfield Multiplex and leading design and engineering consultancies HASSELL and AECOM have partnered with the Cooperative Research Centre for Low-Carbon Living (CRCLCL) in the three-year project.

Based at the University of New South Wales, the CRCLCL is a national $100 million research collaboration comprising over 40 participants including universities, government agencies and companies within the construction industry.

“The Closing the Loop project will allow us to use our current knowledge to have a practical impact on people and the environment,” says Scientia Professor Deo Prasad AO, chief executive officer, CRCLCL.

All three industry partners are committed to delivering high performance built environments, and together have the capacity to significantly influence the building process from design to delivery and building management.

The project will be undertaken in four interlinked stages. These stages will review existing literature and identify gaps, research business decision-making, create case studies, test and trial the findings and their operation in the real world, and finally develop tools and strategies for the industry, including design guides, user manuals, performance measures and assessment tools.

The research partnership represents a powerful example of collaborating to innovate.

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