Cloud increases real estate company’s efficiency

by FM Media
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Elders Real Estate has increased its efficiency through the use of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools.

With skills and expertise spread across its franchise network, Elders Real Estate sought a better way to harness and share this knowledge. “Calendar isolation made scheduling within the offices difficult,” says Andrew Simpson, business solutions manager for Elders Real Estate. “We saw an opportunity to be more efficient with Google Apps for Business’ cloud-based communication and collaboration tools.”
To ensure a smooth transition, the company used Cloud Assist and nominated a champion at each office. These champions liaised directly with Cloud Assist to become in-house experts and developed video training.
“With Google Sites, we set up a company-wide intranet where all the latest training, expertise and trend information is available. Franchisees can now access information on demand, and the entire group can share stories and expertise. This has helped to create a stronger community culture,” Simpson comments. “To ensure people are getting the information they need, we use Google Analytics to track which pages and topics are most helpful.”
According to Simpson, since moving to Google Apps, efficiency and effectiveness have increased. “On-the-go salespeople and property managers have access to the most recent calendars and emails on their mobiles and shared calendars,” he notes, adding that it has been a win for the IT team too as, due to the predictability of the cloud, franchisees no longer have to worry about backing up emails or documents.

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