Cloud software platform aims to streamline airport operations

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A new, next-generation airport software platform capable of carrying out all passenger processing functions aims to lower operational expenses, reduce environmental impact and make airports more flexible in reacting to unforeseen circumstances.

The Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) from Madrid-based Amadeus is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution platform that will allow airlines and ground handlers to share the physical space and the IT resources of the airport, easing or eliminating hosting and development burden.

“The majority of the world’s airports currently run a traditional and expensive common use model, including a long-term supplier and on-site IT infrastructure,” Amadeus says. “The adoption of Amadeus ACUS will allow airports to eliminate costly on-site systems, lowering their operational expenses and minimising their environmental impact.

“Furthermore, they will improve their agility and flexibility to respond to unforeseen situations such as weather disruptions and traffic peaks. Airlines will also be able to reduce costs thanks to centralised connectivity to airports and simplified passenger processing.

“As a consequence of these streamlined operations, passengers will benefit from a quick and fluid airport experience,” the company adds.

Key features of ACUS include:

  • Application virtualisation technology, which reduces airports’ need for on-site equipment
  • The SaaS model, centrally hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre, allows scalability and resilience for any size airport, airline and ground handler
  • Based on secure network connectivity and 4G communications, which makes it faster and easier to deploy and maintain, and gives the ability to run operations both on and off the airport
  • Connection to all airline Departure Control System and airport applications. Amadeus says this gives cost effective and centralised connectivity for airlines expanding their network to new airports while lowering network costs
  • Compatible with industry standards CUPPS – the IATA Common Use Passenger Processing System standard that will replace IATA recommendation 1797 – and CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) platforms.


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