CMC pilots green cleaning program

by FM Media
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CMC Property Services is evaluating alternative cleaning methods and practices to improve the environmental impacts of the company’s service delivery.

CMC Property Services defines green cleaning as cleaning effectively to create healthy buildings while at the same time reducing environmental impacts. According to the company, it’s not just about using environmentally friendly products, but is a comprehensive process that includes assessing the unique needs of each facility and its occupants, as well as the cleaning chemicals, equipment, paper products, procedures and training.
The company recently partnered with Fresh Green Clean to pilot the Fresh Green Clean Program into its operations. One of CMC’s key site was audited by Fresh Green Clean. The program comprises a third-party review of work methods and processes used in operations at individual sites, with the key areas audited to include low harm, clear air, clean hygiene, resource use, energy efficiency and waste management. Recommendations on improvements in these areas are made and changes implemented. The service is then re-audited and improvements against the key audit areas are measured and quantified.
CMC and Fresh Green Clean are now evaluating alternative cleaning methods and practices that will improve the environmental impacts of the company’s service delivery. The next phase is to implement trials based on the recommendations and to then evaluate and measure the outcomes.
Not only are CMC’s processes under review, the company is also trialling and using equipment that better serves the environment. “We are working closely with Fresh Green Clean so we can make ‘real’ changes to our operations to deliver a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly service. Our aim is to use the key site that has been audited as a test site and once we have our results, use the improvements suggested throughout all the sites that we service,” Elly Krommidas, CMC general manager, states.

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