Cogen system to save aquatic centre around $276,000 in energy costs

by FM Media
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Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre in Wagga Wagga is set to save approximately $276,000 in energy costs and cut carbon emissions by up to 55 percent in the first year of operation with its new cogeneration system.

A 229 kW cogeneration system has been installed at the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre located in Wagga Wagga. Designed, supplied, commissioned and maintained by Simons Green Energy, the new system will provide up to 85 percent of the centre’s electricity demand and will supply hot water for space heating and for the swimming pools. The natural gas fired cogeneration system is expected to run for 24 hours per day, seven days a week, reducing the aquatic centre’s carbon emissions by 1332 tonnes per annum.
The installation of the energy system was made possible through co-funding by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, under their Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP). With a project cost of approximately $431,000, the project payback period is expected to be less than two years.
Ben Creighton, manager of Oasis Aquatic Centre, states: “The installation of a 229 kW cogeneration system at the Oasis Aquatic Centre has been a very successful project for Wagga Wagga City Council in partnership with CEEP and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The commissioned plant is now in operation and is producing a significant reduction in energy costs while also providing environmental benefits through the reduction in carbon emissions.”
Reduced energy costs by approximately $276,000 in the first year and an estimated average of $320,000 annually over the first five years are expected. The estimated return on investment is approximately 50 percent per annum, resulting in a payback period of approximately two years. The system will also produces 358 kW (t) of thermal output in the form of hot water as a ‘free’ by-product from the engine’s waste heat stream.

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