Coles’ low maintenance flooring solution

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A new flooring solution has been applied to 30 Coles supermarkets to combat the need for ongoing repairs and maintenance on the flooring in the supermarkets’ food preparation areas.

A flooring solution from Sika designed for the food industry has been applied to 30 Coles supermarkets as part of a national specification, with additional stores to be refurbished in coming months. The polyurethane flooring has been applied throughout food preparation areas as a more durable alternative to vinyl and epoxy finishes.
According to the standards management team that oversees the Coles store construction and specification function nationally, the main issue stores were experiencing was ongoing repairs and maintenance required on epoxy floor finishes in the deli, bakery and chicken preparation areas.
Coles commissioned a rigorous examination of all flooring options, with polyurethane concrete based resin solutions being trialled for a six-month period. During that time, floors were exposed to a searching examination of quality, durability, wear and overall safety.
Sikafloor-22N PurCem was a selected finish based on its suitability for food preparation areas, including slip resistance, heat resistance and resistance to food acids and fats. It was also found to be flexible, quick drying and easy to maintain and clean.
The finish is a water-based polyurethane screed with a 4 to 9 mm thickness and is suitable for wet or dry processing environments, including bakeries, meat and dairy preparation areas, commercial kitchens and catering facilities. The fast curing product, which can be applied to green concrete, offers high wear and thermal shock resistance and has been certified for usage in the food industry. In addition, the product’s speed of placement enables completion within tight timeframes and even in live trading situations.
Installed with integrated coving for a seamless finish, the flooring solution is expected to withstand constant traffic, impact from utensils, hot water washdown, cleaning chemicals and food acids. The industrial flooring also has a neutral odour and low VOC emissions.

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