The collaboration effect: Schiavello’s tables for agile working

by Tiffany Paczek
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Schiavello’s new Agile table supports the highly diverse ways we work today. Designed for natural transitions between independent and team-based work, it answers a growing need to create workspaces that activates and fosters collaboration that enhances organisational productivity, culture and innovation.

In a typical week, employees spend approximately 42 percent of their time collaborating, while 58 percent work independently. Both work modes are needed to process information and promote deep thinking. To support these diverse interactions, Schiavello’s new Agile table features different levels of formality and flexible work points. Its flexible configurations allow for group or independent working, seated meetings and standing huddles, swarming and forming and reforming to meet a team’s exact needs.

Designers Amanda Stanaway (principal, Woods Bagot Sydney) and Keti Malkoski (principal, Schiavello People and Culture Consulting), identified a gap in the market for a team table that fostered active interactions while supporting an overall agile mindset within the workplace. The initial phase of the design process saw Stanaway and Malkoski develop a brief that identified the various works modes and flows that an agile team meeting point should support. The objective was to redefine the way in which people interact and activate spaces, ultimately allowing them to choose their preferred work mode as well as to seamlessly transition from group work to independent work.

The collection consists of Storming and Work tables that can be combined to create a working experience unique to each team. With the option to add multiple work points and technological support and accessories, the collection supports both dynamic collaborations and focused concentration.


Available in single or dual‑height fixed configurations, the ergonomic design allows for greater health and workplace well-being. The design fosters movement and prompts people to alter their postures throughout the day, from sitting to standing. Agile makes it easier to create a standing meeting space that supports spontaneous collaboration, and accommodates diverse mindsets and working styles.

Agile ways of working are shown to stimulate a positive change in active communication, active thinking and idea sharing. The table tops feature a variety of edge details and are available in a range of colours and finishes from the Schiavello ColourLab, and the legs are clad in sheet metal for structural support and finished in a variety of coloured powder coats.

Schiavello’s new Agile table offers employees more choices in the workplace, empowering them with the freedom to choose the space they need to feel connected with their team and stay highly effective.

Images courtesy of Schiavello.

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