Commercial energy use survey: have your say

by FM Media
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A survey designed to capture the opinions of all Australian businesses regarding rising energy prices and the expected impact of new carbon pricing legislation has been launched by Energy Action.

The Energy Action Energy Customer Insights Survey, which is aimed at business owners, key decision makers and influencers, covers six areas, including how businesses currently procure energy, the potential impact of the impending carbon tax, and measures of energy efficiency and sustainability.
Energy Action will use the insights gleaned from survey responses to develop a comprehensive report regarding the opinions of commercial consumers on energy issues impacting the current market, and more specifically, their business.
According to Valerie Duncan, CEO of Energy Action, the survey is about giving all businesses an opportunity to contribute to the debate currently surrounding energy pricing and regulation, as well as to provide a forum for commercial energy users to identify the energy management and efficiency services that will be important moving forward.
Findings from the survey will be distributed to key industry associations and government bodies as an outline of the pressures specific to Australian businesses, giving a voice to the commercial energy consumers dealing with rising costs. In addition, all participants in the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the report with summarised findings.
The survey can be accessed via Energy Action’s website until Friday 16 December and will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

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