Compliant commercial door automation

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Large commercial doors are often the largest moving objects in factories, warehouses and carparks. Large doors can pose potential risks to employee health and safety as well as damage to property.

Non-compliant automated commercial door and opener installations can pose a greater risk of injury or entrapment to persons and damage to property or vehicles. Commercial doors that shut either automatically or by a single press of a button require entrapment protection to prevent risk of injury or property damage.

Compliant commercial door openers offer a number of innovative safety features, including safety inputs for monitored entrapment protection devices such as light curtains, bump edges and IR beams. When an obstruction is detected, these devices signal the door to stop and auto-reverse, preventing potential injury and loss.

Grifco, part of the Chamberlain group, is one of Australia’ largest manufacturer of commercial door openers. It provides a range of new openers as well as upgrade options for existing automated door systems.

Compliant commercial door openers, such as the Grifco eDrive +2.0, also provide added convenience for operators, offering remote access solutions, which make life easier for users and can effectively improve productivity in the workplace.

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