Cowdroy releases screen product updates, viewer app

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Door and window product manufacturer Cowdroy has released its new insect screen range and an augmented reality app.

The new range aims to cater to a range of applications, with meshes offering superior airflow, pet scratch proofing, small insect protection, rustproof stainless steel and ember protection, as well as pollen and dust resistance.

The screening range is supported by a comprehensive offering of all the accessories required to assemble new screens or refurbish existing screens – such as aluminium frames, spline, frame buttons, corners and spline rollers – for easier installation.

The new screenview augmented reality app enables users to visualise products from the range in situ. It can also connect them to nearby stockists.

“What attracted us to the category,” says Peter Doyle, business development manager at Cowdroy of the app’s innovation, “was that it was a very tired corner of the marketplace, where there have been limited improvements in the past decade. It was poorly merchandised, and nobody was genuinely presenting a full range.”

Doyle says he’s particularly interested in the pollen proofing and ember resistance updates to the range.

Options include:

  • Fibreglass, which offers simple installation and good visibility, with the PVC coated yarn offering dent-free protection
  • Pet Guard, featuring heavyweight polyester, which can withstand damage from pets and children
  • Small Insect protection, with a weave twice as tight as standard fibreglass
  • superior mesh, featuring UV stabilised heavy-duty polyethylene yarn, which is resistant to UV and corrosion, and is four times tougher than fibreglass screening
  • Clear View, with improved visibility with superior airflow
  • Pollen Proof, with a unique knit providing a barrier that blocks the passage of 87 percent of pollen and dust, and
  • Ultra Tough’s heavy gauge wire is 20 percent thicker, providing improved protection and durability.

Other features:

  • the powder-coated aluminium mesh is robust enough for severe weather conditions, and
  • the 316 marine grade stainless steel option is also resistant to corrosion and rust and reduces glare.

Aluminium Mesh, Ultra Tough and Stainless Steel all provide ember defence for installations at risk of bush fires.

A full suite of frame, corner, spline, frame hinges, lift tabs, metal spring pins options, accessories and kits complement the range, to suit any door or window size or set-up.

Cowdroy specialises in door tracking systems, weather seals, insect screens, replacement wheels and rollers, and a wide range of specialist products for a range of applications.

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