CSR Martini launches new dECO decorative acoustic range

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The new dECO decorative acoustic range aims to allow for the creation of interior spaces where freedom of design and performance integrate.

Martini’s dECO collection has been engineered to reduce sound reverberation and transform spaces through design. The products are 100 percent recyclable and made with 80 percent recycled content. The collections are available in two fabric finishes, Flat Felt and Velcro receptive Velour. The range includes 22 colours.

The dECO range includes:

  • 3D Tiles: lightweight control background distractions, reduction of reverberated noise and maintenance of acoustic balance. A CSR Martini press release describes these as the highest performing acoustic 3D Tiles in Australia.
  • Blades (pictured at top): this series of modular blades is available in a variety of shapes.
  • Quiet: engineered for premium sound absorption, this is available as a board or decorative panel with a fabric finish.

“Our environmental accreditation can give architects and building owners confidence they are using sustainable materials that will allow spaces to look and perform their best,” says Luke Dutton, general manager, CSR Commercial Fit Out.

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