CWS’s 7 most popular stories of 2016

by Corporate Waste Solutions
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With the end of 2016 almost here, CWS looks back on all that has happened across the industry in the last 12 months.

These seven stories garnered the most attention this year, with topics ranging from conversations about ‘greenwashing’ to energy from waste facilities, and a look at how landfill sites can actually help the environment.

7. Toxfree enters health services sector with Daniels Health acquisition
In October, Australian waste management company Tox Free Solutions diversified into the health services sector with a $186 million acquisition of medical waste specialist Daniels Health Australia (Daniels). Toxfree managing director Steve Gostlow says the acquisition allows the company to further expand its ambitions to be the leader in specialist waste streams in Australia.


Candice Quartermain.

6.The circular network
In the very first issue of CWS, editor Michelle Dunner spoke to Candice Quartermain, founder of Circular Economy Australia, about how she moved into sustainability, ‘greenwashing’ and what words are on her ‘tossary glossary’ – a list of buzzwords she refuses to use on her products.

5. Energy from waste – getting it off the ground
Energy From Waste (EfW) facilities are commonplace across Europe and the US, as well as in Asian countries such as Japan, China and Singapore, but Australia is yet to see one become shovel ready. Joyanne Manning, associate principal, Planning and Management at Arup, believes Australia has a huge advantage as it moves into EfW because we have the ability to learn from global experiences and bring those experts to Australia. She also notes that the markets where EfW is commonplace are now overly saturated and this makes Australia an appealing place to turn to.


The Swanbank Renewable Energy and Waste Management Facility in Queensland.

4. How landfill sites in Australia are benefiting the environment
REMONDIS Australia‘s David Wrenn discusses how waste managers in Australia are changing the perception of landfill by utilising opportunities to make it more environmentally friendly, through techniques such as converting landfill gas to energy.

3. The Debate: Plastic bags in Australia (Part 1)
The debate on plastic bags in Australia is rather unsophisticated and the problem is complex. Grant Musgrove, chief executive of the Australian Council on Recycling, explores what is being done about plastic bags overseas, what our options are and two principal measures that need to be put in place to enforce change.
Read part 2 of the debate here.

2. The future of waste management, driven by sustainable innovation
REMONDIS Australia’s Gunther Neumann explains why sustainable innovation must be considered if Australia’s waste management industry is going to continue to positively impact the environment.

1. Australia’s first mattress recycling system opens
In October, TIC Mattress Recycling Ltd opened the first mattress recycling facility in the country. “At the moment, in excess of one million mattresses end up in landfill in Australia every year. If these mattresses were stacked on top of each other they’d reach the International Space Station,” says Michael Warren, TIC’s managing director of mattress recycling.
Read more about the facility here.

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